Prioritizing Your Projects

Who doesn’t have a full or over full plate? Its human nature. Just when one thing is completed, we find more things we need to do. It can be overwhelming to try and get everything done in a timely manner.

Lately, I have been taking a new approach. Instead of trying to be Superwomen, I have been making my load lighter. I have been picking a few projects at a time to get done. Last month it was my website. I worked with a team to completely redesign it. At the end of everyday, I had to either submit copy or review a page or two.

They switched hosting companies. I had to transfer the email, domain, and reformat my email. For a non-technical person, that can be a challenge. I did a little each day after work, so I would not overwhelm myself.

So how do you prioritize your projects? For me, the website was having a effect on my business. It wasn’t mobile friendly. And we all do everything on our phones.

First of all, what has due dates? This could be bills, social obligations, or school items. Then there is home repair, obviously, if its a water leak it needs to be fixed immediately, but most other projects can be done in a certain timeline.

Then there are our “wants” as I call them. These are things that we feel we need. This could be clothing, home decor, or activity items. These are lower priority but still very important.

Some projects are one hit wonders as I call them. They simply require one step- like placing an order or making a phone call to resolve or change something. These are simple projects that you can complete. If you have a block of time, you can clear them off  your list.

We all have different priorities in life. Make sure you identify them on a to do list. When you chose a project or task, make sure you take it full circle and finish it. Don’t leave any dangling items.

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