What To Do With Left Over Clutter From The Kids

The kids have come and gone. College is done and they are on their way out in the world. When you decide to move, downsize, or change up your space, you find it- the left over clutter from the kids. If you are staying in your current space, it might not be a problem. If you are moving to a smaller or different space, then you might need to take some action.

  • Get all your kids stuff together.
  • Categorize the stuff
  • If your kids live close by, schedule a time that they can come by and go through it. Make sure you have some containers ¬†for items that they want to keep.
  • If your kids don’t live in the area, you can send them an inventory via email or even facetime or skype with them.
  • Let them know realistically how much space you have to store their stuff and what needs to go.
  • Donate or sell what you don’t want anymore.
  • Set a deadline for this project to be done.

Its important that your kids be able to make decisions on their stuff. They also need to understand your space constraints.


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