All Those Little Projects We Neglect

We all have them. We stare at them from day to day. We know they are there. Yes, I am talking about those little projects that only affect our daily lives in a minimal way, so we let them sit. With the limited time that we have available between work and family, shouldn’t we tackle the big stuff?

Those little projects that we neglect, tend to be enclosed like closets, under the sink, or cabinets. They aren’t out in the open but we know they are there!

We don’t think it matters, but in reality this is wasted space. Space that could be used for other things. All space matters whether its enclosed or visual.

Take a walk around your home. Make a list of all these little projects that you would like to complete. Make time to tackle them one by one. You will be amazed at what a difference this will make in your home!!

Happy Organizing!!

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