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Simplify Your Move- The Best Moving Apps

We are right in the middle of prime moving season. Moving is never without its challenges. What mover do you use?Pack yourself or hire out? Move all in one day or split the move? Move some items yourself? So many decisions, so little time. Here are some apps that will help you make your move... Read more »

Repeat Offender- Why You Keep Ending Up With Clutter

So you get organized, and six months later, the clutter is back. Its in full force and taken over your space. How did this happen? Why are you back at square one? What went wrong? Below are the most common reasons, why clutter will rear its ugly head again. You don’t have a ┬áhome for... Read more »

Receipts- What Should You Keep and What Should You Toss

Everyday we are pummeled by receipts. From the gas station, grocery store, and any purchase that we make. In a world trying to go paperless, who wants more paper. Not me. Here are some simple tips to help you deal with receipts. Stop getting receipts at the bank and gas station. You really don’t need... Read more »

How To Be An Organized Traveler

Its t minus five days till another Kelly family vacation. Yep, the parents planned it right smack dad in the middle of busy organizing season. I have been trying to complete as many projects as possible before I head out east for some family fun. As with any vacation, I start early. This first thing... Read more »

Finding Your Clutter Comfort Level

Everyone has a certain level of clutter. Whether its that pile of mail on the counter or the clothes that have landed on the bottom of your closet floor. The question is what is your comfort level with clutter. We all feel different about the amount of stuff we have around our homes. Here are... Read more »

How To Stop The Vicious Cycle Of Clutter

For some of us, being organized is second nature. Everything fits perfectly in our home. For others, its a daily challenge. The vicious cycle of clutter can last for years. It can be very hard to control unless you have a plan. Here are a few simple tips to help you get your clutter under... Read more »

The Top Five Clutter Zones In Your Home

Many times clutter equals wasted money. You know those items that you forgot to return. The food you never ate. The toiletries you meant to use that went bad. These are the top five areas of your home where clutter lurks. Bedroom Closet- With more and more retailers tightening up their return policies, people are... Read more »