The Big Flip- Getting Your Closet Ready For Spring

As I cooked dinner last night, I could hear my neighbor making trips up and down to the basement. She was doing her spring closet flip and storing the off season items in her basement storage. I think like the rest of us, she is hoping spring will be here  for good and the weather will stop flip flopping.

To flip or not to flip, that is the question. Should you flip your closet seasonally or try to organize everything to fit in your space? That all depends on your closet. In Chicago, we are blessed with culture and fun but not great closets. Space can be lacking, especially if you live in an older home or condo.

Do I flip my closet? Nope. I am blessed with a medium sized closet that fits clothes and shoes. I also have a coat closet that contains my boots and coats ( you need several in Chicago). When I bought my condo, I built out the master closet to maximize the space. Everything has a place and is categorized. Shocked?

Before deciding to flip your closet, I would take it all out. Start putting categories back in one by one. Start with the items that you use year round. This is usually purses, jeans, pants, and ect. If everything fits and your space is still functional, then congrats, you don’t need to flip your closet.

If your closet is overcrowded, then you need to make some decisions. First of all, what other storage space do you have around you- dressers, a guestroom closet, or even under your bed? Its essential for you to keep the clothes you wear most often in  your main closet.

Create an off season space in your home or condo. Here are some examples:

  1. Bins or space bags under the bed for extra clothes or shoes
  2. Store off season clothes in a guest room closet
  3. Bin up off season clothes and place in storage unit
  4. Buy a wardrobe rack from your storage unit and basement to hang clothes. Make sure it is covered so the clothes will be protected from dust.
  5. If you have the floor space in your coat closet,  that is a great place to store your snow boots.
  6. If you are a shoe lover,  and have lots of shoes, bin up your off season shoes.

Its important to think about how you store your clothes. You don’t want to have to dry clean everything at the beginning of each season. If you have the space, then leave your nicer clothes in you closet  or use a hanging solution for them.

Happy Spring!!

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