Post Move Tips- Setting Up Your New Space

You did it. You moved. You packed up all your stuff and now are in a new space. The movers set up the furniture and now you are surrounded by boxes. It can be quite overwhelming(unless you hire someone to unpack your stuff). Here are some of my top tips to help you set up your new space.


  1.  Pack up your sheets, toiletries, and a couple days worth of clothes. Carry these with you.
  2. Unpack one room at a time. There is something to be said about a space that is completed.
  3. The better the packing job, the easier it is to unpack. Make sure that boxes are clearly labeled and put in the correct room.
  4. Relocate misc items to the correct space.
  5. Have a donation area for items that you don’t need or want anymore.
  6. Have a space for those decorative items that you will be using to accessorize your home.
  7. Get rid of the boxes. Sell them on Craiglist or put them on freecycle. Clear your space.
  8. Make sure your electronics are packed together.
  9.  Do not let your movers do the garage or basement dump. I have seen this many a time. They will stack boxes so high that its hard for you to reach them and go through them.
  10. Prioritize your unpacking. Start with the kitchen them the bedrooms.

And most importantly- enjoy your new space!!!!


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