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Post Move Tips- Setting Up Your New Space

You did it. You moved. You packed up all your stuff and now are in a new space. The movers set up the furniture and now you are surrounded by boxes. It can be quite overwhelming(unless you hire someone to unpack your stuff). Here are some of my top tips to help you set up... Read more »

The Big Flip- Getting Your Closet Ready For Spring

As I cooked dinner last night, I could hear my neighbor making trips up and down to the basement. She was doing her spring closet flip and storing the off season items in her basement storage. I think like the rest of us, she is hoping spring will be here ¬†for good and the weather... Read more »

Bedbugs and Clutter

Chicago is the title holder of many things- World Series Champion Cubs, The Windy City, and now the bedbug capital of the United States. Yup, Chicago has a bedbug problem. No one is safe from these critters. I have heard of people getting them on the bus, train, at church, and from their neighbors. They... Read more »

Living In The City That Celebrates And Managing All Your Party Gear

I thought Dallas was a fun town, but life in Chicago is one big party. People celebrate everything and anything. It seems like there is always something fun and festive going on in the Windy City. Between sports and holidays, this city is always ¬†throwing a party. With parties and holidays comes the stuff- clothing,... Read more »