The Harsh Reality Of Selling Your Stuff

The other day I was doing some research for a potential client who wanted to sell some items. Even though I knew what the answers would be, I politely made the call. The harsh reality is that a lot of things that were once treasured aren’t able to be sold for even close their original value.

Why the change? Decorating styles have dramatically changed. The younger generations aren’t collecting stuff. Gone are the days when family fights would take place over grandma’s china or the hummel  collection. Time and time again, I am seeing the family silver being sold for scrap.

So what do you do with your stuff or the family treasures? They will still sell but at extremely lower prices. Here are some ideas.

  1. You can have a auction house take your items. They will sell them for market value. They are very good at grouping items together.
  2. If you have enough stuff, you can do an estate sale. Again, the agent will price things for cash and carry.
  3. You can post the items on facebook, letgo or offerup for sale.

Here are some of the items that aren’t big sellers anymore:

  1. Big and brown- Bedroom sets, dining room tables, and wardrobes are hard sales.
  2. Collectibles such as rockwell, hummels, and lladro.
  3. Silver
  4. China
  5. Art

The market is flooded with  these one treasured items. The world has changed.

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