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How to Keep Your Business Organized While Being Productive

Next week I am speaking at a Chamber of Commerce in the Chicago suburbs about business organization. I thought I would share a few tips. As a business owner, you wear many hats. Most of us prioritize our clients over our offices. The average american spends 2 hours per day looking for paperwork and other... Read more »

How To Stay Organized When The World Comes Crashing Down

Grief is an evil monster. During my years as an organizer I have worked with many people who are going through a hard time. Whether it’s  a death in the family, divorce, or loss of job- it hurts. It feels like the world is crashing down. Who wants to do laundry or take out the... Read more »

The Harsh Reality Of Selling Your Stuff

The other day I was doing some research for a potential client who wanted to sell some items. Even though I knew what the answers would be, I politely made the call. The harsh reality is that a lot of things that were once treasured aren’t able to be sold for even close their original... Read more »

The 80 Dollar Bag- The Importance Of Itemizing Your Donations

With the anticipation of an early spring, I felt it was best to clean out my closet. Ok, the reality is that I spent about 20 minutes going through the different categories. We all have things in our closet to purge, including the organizer. I added my items to my already in progress donate bag.... Read more »

Giving Up Clutter For Lent- 40 Bags In 40 Days

In the last few days there has been a picture that has gone viral around the internet. Its pretty self- explanatory- giving up clutter for Lent. What a great idea. I wish that I would have thought of it!! The goal is to fill up any sized bag with items each day. At the end... Read more »

Winter Gear- How To Manage All Those Clothes

When I moved to Chicago twenty years ago, I had one coat and a pair of gloves. True Story. You don’t need much in Texas. As winter approached, I had to purchase some coats and winter accessories.  By the end of the first winter I was the proud owner of a winter coat, fall coat,... Read more »