Travel Sized and Hotel Toiletries- The Waste Factor

It never fails, when I am clearing out a bathroom or linen closet, I find old travel sized or hotel toiletries. Its human nature to take the stuff from hotels. We all do it.  We take it cause its there or we feel we can use it in the future. That is the key- using it. If you bring it home and throw it in the linen closet or under the sink, they might just sit there. Then one day, during a clean out, you will notice that its not usable anymore.

So before you clear off that counter into your suitcase, think about it.

  1. Do you have another trip coming up in the future that you can use these items ?
  2. Will you use them at home or do you have your own regular products.
  3. Is there someone you know that can use them?

Here are some rules that I personally follow:

  1. If I am at a hotel, I take only what I will use.
  2. I buy only the travel sized items that I need for a particular trip. When I come home from a traveling, if I don;t have another trip planned in the near future, I put the travel items into my active use area. I use up the stuff vs letting it sit. The only thing, I do hold onto is contact solution, because it has a longer expiration time. The face wash, lotions, and toothpaste, all get used up and don’t become waste.
  3. Since I don’t travel on a regular basis, I don’t have a stash of travel items.

Lets also chat about those travel containers. Do you prefer to put your lotions and potions in them or is it easier for you to buy travel sized toiletries for your trips? Just something to think about.

Also, if you choose to have a supply of travel items, its another thing you have to find space for in your home. Don’t let this once in a while items take up your prime space.

Happy Organizing!!


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