The Perfect/One Time Purge Doesn't Exist In Life

Whether your moving, downsizing, or just plan clearing out- the purge process is essential. And while we all like to handle things once, most of the time its impossible. I have found that the perfect/one time purge just doesn’t exist.

Depending on the amount of items that you need to go through, it might take a couple of rounds to scale it down.

How should  you begin this challenging process?

  1. Visually do a first pass. Go through your items and get rid of items that you know you don’t need or want anymore.
  2. Make a pile of items that you need to spend time evaluating. This could include notebooks or pictures.
  3. Make another pile of items for friends and family. If you are giving items away to specific people, make sure that you can get them out of your house in a reasonable amount of time. The longer they sit, they risk the chance of being mixed back in with your stuff.
  4. Take a break between purges. If you have the ability, wait a little while then return to do a second layer purge.
  5. Take your time and make good decisions.

If you know that a purge is in your future, start as soon as you can. Don’t leave it till the last minute and find yourself in a mad rush.

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