Planning and Prepping For A Move

I am not a fan of moving. I am a creature of habit and even for the most organized person, moving is a disruption of life. I have never met a person that hasn’t experienced a little stress during a move. Its a new space and you have to learn and implement new systems.

That is why you need a good plan to help ease the trauma of the move. Start by doing a walk through in your new place. Take pictures of cabinets and closets if need be. Don’t forget to take a measuring tape with you. It will be invaluable in this process.

Go room by room and set up a floor plan. Identify the items in your current space that will work in your new space. Then comes the fun part! Purging your current home. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What will work in the new space?
  2. What won’t work in the new space? Should you sell it or donate it?
  3. What is your drop dead date for having this process completed?
  4. Is it worth your while to have a garage sale?
  5. Should you schedule a few donation or junk pick ups?

When I help a client prep for a move, I usually start in basement or guest rooms. I know it sounds a little strange but these rooms tend to have items that are being stored and not used on a regular basis. These tend to be areas that need a good purge.

Most importantly, give yourself time. If you have a full home that you have lived in for years, don’t expect the process to be completed in a few days. Depending on the amount of items that need to be processed, it could take a few months.

And on a side note, no one does a perfect purge before they move. There are those items that “might” work. I even brought several things to my space that I ended up donating in the end.

Enjoy your new home!

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