National Pay Your Bills Week 2017

Okay, I am behind on this one. This “holiday” is slated for the first week of February. Paying your bills falls under the category we Organizers call paper management. Its essential for living an organized and efficient lifestyle.

So lets chat about paying our bills. There are three ways  you can pay them.

  1.  You can get them in the mail and pay by check or phone.
  2. They can be drafted directly out of your account.
  3. You can set them up online and receive emails when they are due. After you receive the email, you can then pay them through your banks payment system.

And when should you pay them? Some people pay them weekly, others twice a month. There is no right or wrong time to pay them as long as they get paid on time. I personally pay mine the day they come in. I simply go to my banks site and take care of it.

Whether you pay them yourself or have them drafted out of your account, you should go paperless. You will be amazed at how light your mail load will be when your bills come via email. It makes a huge difference. They have also done studies that it can save you 100 to 120 dollars per year in postage  paying your bills online vs sending them through the mail.

A lighter mailbox and a nice savings in postage- what more reason do you need to make a switch!!!!

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