Getting Over The Guilt Of Overbuying

We all do it at one time or another. We buy things that we don’t use or that just don’t work for us. This could be decor, clothing, misc items or even food. This creates excess and clutter. When these items are identified, we have to deal with them sooner or later. Sometimes they go into the basement or the back of a closet to be found years later.

Then comes the guilt- I spent money and didn’t use it. Waste! Well here is the truth, we all have it. Even extremely careful shoppers like myself, have some items that just don’t work out for us. Get over the guilt and start to get them out of your space.

Here are some different types of waste in our homes and suggestions of what to do with them.

  1. Technology. I see this everywhere. We all want the greatest and latest items. Some of us buy new things and forget to implement them. They end up in a closet or a bin. If its beyond the return date, you have a few other choices on what to do with them. has an electronics buy back program. You will get a credit. Also the website will buy certain Apple products. If your stuff doesn’t fit in these categories, then you can electronic recycle it. Check in your town for a local electronics recycling center or Best Buy will recycle it for you.
  2. Food- If it isn’t expired, then you can donate it to a food pantry or women’s shelter.
  3. Clothing- Some stores like Kohl’s and Macy’s have pretty liberal return policies. If your clothes are medium to high end, you can also consign them. If they don’t fall into the above categories, them just donate them.
  4. Misc household items- You would be amazed what you have in your home that can be re-purposed. Take a look at your items. See if you can use them in another area of your home. If not, them donate them.
  5. Kitchen items- I have known many people to save them for when their kids get out of school. Just save the basics like dishes, silverware, and pots and pans. Not many young kids are going to want a bunch of appliances.
  6. Cleaners- Even cleaners go bad. The chemicals break down. The bottles expand and you can see the chemicals have changed color. The proper way to dispose of these items is to take them to a chemical disposal place in your town.

Let go of the guilt, and let these items that are just sitting in your home go!! There are many different people that can benefit from them!!



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