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The Case For And Against Keeping An Inventory

I am a very busy gal. Between running a business and adulting, there isn’t much time left in my day. I am always looking for ways to save time and be more efficient. One thing that really helps me is stocking up on items. Yes, I keep an inventory of things that I regularly use.... Read more »

The Perfect/One Time Purge Doesn't Exist In Life

Whether your moving, downsizing, or just plan clearing out- the purge process is essential. And while we all like to handle things once, most of the time its impossible. I have found that the perfect/one time purge just doesn’t exist. Depending on the amount of items that you need to go through, it might take... Read more »

Planning and Prepping For A Move

I am not a fan of moving. I am a creature of habit and even for the most organized person, moving is a disruption of life. I have never met a person that hasn’t experienced a little stress during a move. Its a new space and you have to learn and implement new systems. That... Read more »

Decluttering- When Friends and Family Cross The Line

Whether its hoarding, severe clutter, or domestic squalor, there comes a time for the big clean out. It may be due to a impending move, repairs needed on the home, or just to restore family harmony. Whatever the reason, there is a right or wrong way to handle the situation. I have seen well meaning... Read more »

National Pay Your Bills Week 2017

Okay, I am behind on this one. This “holiday” is slated for the first week of February. Paying your bills falls under the category we Organizers call paper management. Its essential for living an organized and efficient lifestyle. So lets chat about paying our bills. There are three ways  you can pay them.  You can... Read more »

Getting Over The Guilt Of Overbuying

We all do it at one time or another. We buy things that we don’t use or that just don’t work for us. This could be decor, clothing, misc items or even food. This creates excess and clutter. When these items are identified, we have to deal with them sooner or later. Sometimes they go... Read more »

Food and Waste- Getting It All Under Control

Lately I have adopted a new way of shopping. Its pretty much what they do in Europe. They buy fresh and they buy less at a time. It has really helped me cut down on waste when it comes to food products. The average American family wastes up to $500 a year on food. This... Read more »

Travel Sized and Hotel Toiletries- The Waste Factor

It never fails, when I am clearing out a bathroom or linen closet, I find old travel sized or hotel toiletries. Its human nature to take the stuff from hotels. We all do it.  We take it cause its there or we feel we can use it in the future. That is the key- using... Read more »

Managing All Those Cords

At most homes, there is a cord bin or two.  With technology on the rise, this  will only increase. There seems to be a cord for everything. Sometimes its easier for people to just put them in a bin then to set up a system for their cords. And so the cord bin starts to... Read more »

How To Start Downsizing A Home

Thinking of moving in the next couple of years? Whether its to assisted living or a retirement condo- its best to start that process now!! When you have lived in your home for years, there are a lot of decisions that you have to make. It can be quite a challenging and time consuming process.... Read more »