Winter Organizing Projects

In keeping with the spirit of National Get Organized Month, I want to suggest some winter organizing projects. Yes, the weather can play a big part in organizing. Living in Chicago with our Chiberia winters can dictate what we are able to get done. For example, its hard to probably clean out a garage when your driveway is covered with snow. Its essential to be able to use that space for staging. It also can be a challenge to do a full house clean out if you are having to take out mounds of recycling and trash. Take it from the gal who has slid on the snow more than one time.

So what organizing projects can you do in the winter? What can be accomplished safely inside your home?

  1. Paper management- This is a perfect time to work on organizing your paper files. Its the new year and a lot can be purged. You can also evaluate what can go paperless, be archived, and what isn’t relevant to you anymore.
  2. Holiday decor- What did you use this year? What has seen better days.
  3. Clothing- Its a good time to work on that closet. Organize by category and color.
  4. The basement is another great winter project. This project usually entails a lot of sorting and purging.
  5. Is your kitchen as efficient as it needs to be? Changing around a few cabinets can save you quite a bit of time.
  6. Sorting out those books.

These are just a few examples of projects that you can focus on during the winter months. So don’t let Chiberia get you down- get some things done!!

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