How To Use Your Prime Space

Prime space is defined as the space around you. The space within reach and at eye level. This space is the easiest to access. This space should be used to store the things that you use the most. Its important to clearly define what should be stored in this space. Below, I have given you some examples.

  1. If you have a storage area, your prime space is the area that is at eye level and within your reach. You should store items that are overflow, or things you use on a regular basis. Memory items and pictures should be stored in an out of reach area since this are just storage and not used. Holiday items should also be stored in a colder space since they are only used once a year.
  2. In the kitchen, you need to store your every day used items such as plates, glasses, and silverware as close to the dishwasher as possible. This makes it easier to load and unload the dishwasher. Other items in the kitchen that need prime space are cooking and prep items that you use on a regular basis. I also set up set up a beverage area for those daily coffee and tea drinkers.
  3. If you have limited storage in your bathroom, make sure you use this space for the items that you use on a daily basis. Any other items, such as first aid, extra toiletries should be stored in a linen closet.
  4. In your office and filing system, files should be current. Any older items that you need to keep, should be archived. These items include- old legal, mortgages, and taxes. They can be stored in an office closet or even a basement or attic area.

So next time you are planning your space, thing about what you need around you and accessible? What can be stored away or out of reach. It makes a really big difference in your efficiency.


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