Basement Blunders; What Not To Shove Down Those Stairs

Ah the basement. This and the attic can easily become a catch all for many various things. Its so easy just to take it down stairs and forget about it. Then one day, the room becomes full and non functional. And now you have some serious clutter of years past. Let me give you some advice about avoiding Basement Blunders!

  1. When you move into your home, don’t be too quick to put random items in the basement. Put them aside to evaluate. In my experience, if they go down, they won’t come up.
  2. Don’t put items you want to donate in the basement. Out of sight out of mind. Get them out of your home.
  3. Don’t randomly place items on storage shelves. Zone your basement. Put like with like.
  4. Make sure each box or bin that is placed in your basement is clearly labeled. You would be amazed at how many unknown boxes end up in the basement.
  5. If you are using your basement for an overflow kitchen or pantry, make sure these items are closest to the door and accessible to you.
  6. Make sure items that you don’t use and just want to store- family memories ect, are stored in a “colder” or non prime space of your basement. This could be under the stairs, in a corner, or the top shelves.

So before you trot downstairs with those boxes, think twice!!

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