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System Overload- How To Simplify Your Home

It can be really challenging to pick out the right system. Just when you think you found the right thing- boom- you see another idea on Pinterest. It never ends.With several stores like Target, entering  the organization market, there is so much more to choose from. It can be  really overwhelming and before you know... Read more »

How To Use Your Prime Space

Prime space is defined as the space around you. The space within reach and at eye level. This space is the easiest to access. This space should be used to store the things that you use the most. Its important to clearly define what should be stored in this space. Below, I have given you... Read more »

Basement Blunders; What Not To Shove Down Those Stairs

Ah the basement. This and the attic can easily become a catch all for many various things. Its so easy just to take it down stairs and forget about it. Then one day, the room becomes full and non functional. And now you have some serious clutter of years past. Let me give you some... Read more »

Winter Organizing Projects

In keeping with the spirit of National Get Organized Month, I want to suggest some winter organizing projects. Yes, the weather can play a big part in organizing. Living in Chicago with our Chiberia winters can dictate what we are able to get done. For example, its hard to probably clean out a garage when... Read more »

Tackling Those Taxes In A Timely Manner

Guess what came in the mail this weekend? The tax organizer!! Yup, its that time of the year again. Its time to tackle those taxes. Most people dread this time of year. I simply view it as another project that needs to be done. I print out my tax ledger from Quickbooks and fill in... Read more »

National Get Organized Month 2017

There are many non traditional holidays during the year. In January the National Association of Professional Organizers sponsors “GO” month or Get Organized. It’s purpose is to educate people and business about organizing their space and time. What perfect time to start anew then the New Year. So what projects should you start to think... Read more »

Resolved To Get Organized in 2017- Where To Begin

Here we are in 2017. The Cubs won the World Series, we have a new president, and you are making that traditional resolution list. Did you know that getting organized and losing weight are two of the most common resolutions that people make? Could this be your year? So where should you begin on your... Read more »