All I Want For Christmas Is Some Health Insurance; A Small Business Owners Crazy Quest To Be Insured

Lets be honest here, I am a organized freak. I do everything on time or early. Yup, that is how I roll. So when open enrollment came around, I was on the marketplace- day one. I got a pit in my stomach when I realized my blue cross policy had almost doubled and would be 459.00 per month. And that my friends is with a $5000 deductible. I was literally sick over it. While my car is almost paid off, and the PMI should be dropping off my mortgage, I was looking forward to saving some more coin this year, not putting everything on health insurance.

So begins my odyssey to get insured. I then called Blue Cross direct to see what my options where. Everything was over $500. Wow!! I was a little in shock to say the least. The lady from Blue Cross told me I should work harder at my business to have the money for the policy. I just can’t comment on that statement.

And then I put out a plea on Facebook for brokers. Hey, we all share resources. And here is my story of the biggest waste of time you can every imagine. Its a lesson of learning. What took me three weeks to accomplish should have been done in 10 to 20 minutes.

  1. One good friend gave me her brokers name. I called and left him a message. His wife called me back and refused to let me speak to him. She said she would help me. She took all my info, then scheduled a conference call with me to do a presentation two days later. I rushed home and the phone never rang. I was fuming. I called her back two days later and she didn’t even know who I was. Then she called me back and said she found the notes she took on our call and wanted to help me. I just shook my head as I listened to the message.
  2. Another friend gave me his brokers name. I called and left a message. He emailed me copies of the blue cross policies he copied from a book. This is after I told him I already went down that path with blue cross. I emailed him back stating that with no response for days. He did end up leaving me a message a week later.
  3. Referral number three. He immediately wanted me to go through marketplace or blue cross. I sat on the phone with him when he went over the marketplace plans that I had already researched. He then admitted that he hadn’t preferred for our call. Afterwards I sent him a follow up email. He did call me back but said he hadn’t bothered to read my email.
  4. Since third time wasn’t a charm, mind you I am trying to get this done in between clients and planning a trip for Thanksgiving, I called another broker. She immediately stated that I had only 15 minutes of her time. She did send me quotes but would not schedule a follow up for two weeks later. I emailed back that I wasn’t comfortable with the policy she chose(no payment for well care) and got no response. She did respond about our conference call- I don’t know why she didn’t see I cancelled it.
  5. With my head spinning and hours wasted. I gave it one more shot. I was on a clients Facebook page and saw that several insurance brokers had offered to help people and take calls. I randomly chose one. Bingo. By this time, I pretty much knew there were limited options. She was very patient, immediately sent me a quote and within twenty minutes I was insured! Done!! And I have given this lovely efficient lady many referrals!

In the end, I decided to go with an non ACA short term policy. For my current health needs and budget, it works. I am able to go to the same doctors and even have dental and vision. Yeah me.

I know this has been a crazy time for all us of business owners looking for health insurance as well as the insurance brokers. I will refer back to my favorite statement from Professional Organizer Peter Walsh -Finish The Cycle!

My main issue was that no one wanted to finish the cycle with me. I, as most busy professionals didn’t have time for all these calls and little tidbits of information. The people I talked to seemed to want to make it a process. I wanted one and done!

It will be interesting to see if the Health Insurance program is revamped in the next 12 months! Fingers crossed!!

So a lesson learned for all- Listen and Finish the Cycle!!



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