Being Efficient In A Non-efficient World

I jumped out of bed yesterday morning. Barely awake and stumbling into the kitchen for coffee and feeding the crazy cats. It was a rare Monday for a day off and I had a lot to do.  I was ready for an efficient and productive day. After making coffee and scrambling some eggs, I settled into my office to call ATT to purchase a new phone.

After 40 minutes and three people, the task was not accomplished. Quite a bit of my time was wasted(even though I managed to pay bills and answer emails during being on hold). I decided to hike it out to the store about 5 miles away. En route to the phone store, I early voted and returned a library book.

I was on a  roll. I had already done my research and wanted to look at two phones. I apparently drew the short straw. The guy assigned to help me could not have been any nicer but was slower then Christmas. I asked very few questions and was ready to just get the phone. He kept wanting to show me all these new features when I repeated said- ” I am non tech and a plain Jane when it comes to technology”. He also spent 5 minutes arguing with me when I wanted to trade in my phone (hey, 10 dollars is 10 dollars).

Needless to say, I left two hours later, stressed. He also messed up the download and I knew I had some work to do when I got home. All my apps where gone! Yeah, another project. And my work email didn’t download properly.

Then it was off to the Taylor to pick up my jeans that were being hemmed. They were sitting in the basket. She told me that she didn’t know the length that I wanted them done. What!! For the last five years, I try on my pants and pre pin them for her. So that was a waste of a trip. I simply smiled, and tried them on for her. Will pick them up tomorrow.

Even though I had a really productive day, there was a lot of wasted time and things that I could not control. While I ended the day with things on my list that should have been accomplished, I still came out ahead. It was frustrating, but its the normal. Unless you are handling the process from A to Z yourself, you have to account for human error. Its a part of life.

So what should you do when  you get caught in a time suck? Have a plan B. What other small tasks can you accomplish during this time? While I was on hold with my website provider, I was able to catch up on some filing, emails, and I even emptied the dishwasher.

And how is Tuesday going- So far, so good. My tasks today are all in my pocket!!

We can’t control the world, but we can work around our time challenges. Remember that anger won’t help the situation. Be kind! Take lots of deep breathes if needed!!

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