Donating Dilemmas- Who Will Take Your Stuff

Its getting harder to donate your stuff. Just recently I have had items turned away  by Salvation Army and Brown Elephant. I can’t blame them. What they don’t sell, has to be disposed of in some other form. Stuff is costing everyone money.

So what do you do with these items that no one wants? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Books- There are book drop boxes all over Chicago. If you want to sell your books, Stick Figure Books will pick them up and send you a check. Open Books Ltd is a great place to donate your books.

2. Toys- Many Charities don’t want them unless they are in perfect condition. I see a lot of toys that end up in the landfill. Other options include- giving them to friends or family. Selling them on local sites or a garage sale works as well.

3. Tv Cabinets- With flat screens being all the rage, so everyone is shedding their large cabinets. The charities can’t get rid of them either. I would try to sell locally on Craigslist, Offer Up Or Letgo. Their are still people they find alternative uses for them.

I am very lucky. My neighborhood has what we call the Freebox. Its run through a page on Facebook. People are able to give away items to others in the neighborhood. Its a win win for everyone.

So when you are getting ready for a donation, you need to specify what you are giving the charity. You also need to be prepared if they decline some of your items. It may take a little while, but you can find a home for things that are still usable.
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