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Donating Dilemmas- Who Will Take Your Stuff

Its getting harder to donate your stuff. Just recently I have had items turned away  by Salvation Army and Brown Elephant. I can’t blame them. What they don’t sell, has to be disposed of in some other form. Stuff is costing everyone money. So what do you do with these items that no one wants?... Read more »

How to Avoid Toys Turning Into Trash

Salvation Army doesn’t like donations of toys.Starting last year, they would search my bags and would not take any of the toys.I can see their point. A lot of things have missing pieces, are broken, and don’t have their directions included. No one wants to spend their good money on part of a toy. In... Read more »

Here Is What You Need To Know To Tackle A Big House Clean Out

Whether its  a parents long time home, a filled to the rim basement, or a hoarding situation, you need a game plan when you are planning on doing a big clean out. Its best to have some details in place before you start the process. Each day you work on the project, you will end... Read more »

A Room By Room Guide To Sorting Out Your Parents Home

Its inevitable, one day we all have to do it. Yes, I am talking about clearing out a parents home or apartment. Sometimes we get lucky and they have cleared out a lot of things before we have to dive in their space. Other times, its a 40 year accumulation of stuff. So where do... Read more »