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The Organized Traveler- Tips for Traveling

Believe it or not, I am taking the weekend off and going out of town. I can’t wait. A friend bought a lake house and I am going on a girls weekend. It will be a much needed break from a wonderfully busy summertime. Last night my friends caught me at Target, looking through the... Read more »

Back To School Organization Tips

Its that time of the year again. Kiss summer goodbye! Its time for school!! Many of you have already sent your precious ones back to the classroom, while others till have another week to go. Either way, its essential to start off the new school year in an organized manner. Here are some areas to... Read more »

Seasonal Organization- Time To Transition the Stuff

Last week as I danced around at Ravinia to the Go Go’s, I realized summer was pretty much over.  It was my last outdoor concert to attend, and movies in the park were ending the next week as well. It was a great summer but time to transition the stuff. Instead of recreating the wheel... Read more »

Tackling Those Toys

Is your toy room out of control? Do you have piles and piles of misc items? Its time to take control. Time to hunker down do some serious sorting. If you have not kept the toys in the original boxes, then you will need some containers. My favorite ones for toy storage are: * clear... Read more »

The New Trends In Getting Rid Of Stuff

It fascinates me how many new ways there are to get rid of your things. There used to be Salvation Army , Goodwill, and Amvets. Now there are a whole group of charities and people that are ready and willing to take your stuff. It seems everyone wants to cash in on the used items... Read more »

Is Your Storage Space Functional

Out of site out of mind. Its human nature to want to have our stuff close in proximity. If we need it, we can access it in a moments notice. If you live in a small space, this can also create clutter. I find that most city high rise buildings have storage units. I also... Read more »