How to Manage Your "Busy" Season At Work And Stay Sane

Hey gang. Sorry I have been so quiet for the last month. While all you are sitting back sipping sangria, grilling burgers, working on your tan- the organizer has been crazy busy. Summertime used to mean fun, fun, and more fun. Now in my world, it means 7 day work weeks and strategically planned time with friends (want to make sure I don’t fall asleep on them).  Yes, summer is organizing season.  I am both blessed and a little crazed at the same time.

For those of you that have jobs that peak and valley in certain seasons, you have to be prepared, or you will go insane. Here are some of the personal things I do, to keep a semi balanced life during my busy season.


1. No DIY projects- During summer, I take a break for my love of DIY projects. Only if something breaks, do I fix it.

2. I cook in bulk and fill up my freezer. I make sure that I always have stuff to eat when I get home from work.

3. Buy in Bulk- I stock really up before summer starts .I limit my shopping trips to one trip to Costco a month, groceries a few times a week(depending on how much I need for Ravinia, picnics, or parties). I also place one amazon order per month.

4.  I live and die by my to do list .Each day I pick out a few things besides work to accomplish, so I don’t get backed up.

5. I don’t add projects to my plate. I keep life as simple as possible during this time.

These simple little tips keep me sane during my busy season. And lets not forget about my wonderful contractors that help me with the workload. So how do you manage your time during your “busy” season?

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