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Its Just Stuff- Letting Go Of Something Special

As I walked in my kitchen tonight, wiped out from a long day of organizing, a large furry Main Coon bounded down from the top of the cabinets to greet  me. He was so excited that he mis-stepped and sent my ceramic spoon holder flying. It crashed on the floor and cracked in two places.... Read more »

Stop The Cramming- Create Overflow Areas

Are you a crammer? Do you shove your drawers or shelves full of stuff. So full, that stuff is falling every time you reach in to grab something. Also, can you really see what you have? Are you overbuying? Buying duplicates? Wasting food ? Its time to stop the cramming and create some overflow space.... Read more »

An Organizers Top Tips To Help You Unpack Your Home

Summer is moving season. It keeps me busy. Unpacking a home can be a very overwhelming task. You are trying to fit your existing belongings into a new place. They might or might not work. It can a challenging time for you and your family!! Here are some of my top tips to help you... Read more »

How To Create a Mudroom

Growing up in Texas, we never had a mudroom. We kept our few coats in the front hall closet. We didn’t even have winter boots(or a need for them). Our backpacks or book bags were simply hung from the desk chair in our bedrooms. Life was pretty simple in the Kelly house. It wasn’t until... Read more »

Why You Should Get Rid Of Things You Don't Use

Those unused items sitting in your home aren’t turning to cash but trash. Yup, the longer you hold onto things, the money value will take a dip if you try and resell them. With everyone wanting the latest and greatest, the stuff that has been sitting is decreasing in value at an alarming rate. Here... Read more »

How to Manage Your "Busy" Season At Work And Stay Sane

Hey gang. Sorry I have been so quiet for the last month. While all you are sitting back sipping sangria, grilling burgers, working on your tan- the organizer has been crazy busy. Summertime used to mean fun, fun, and more fun. Now in my world, it means 7 day work weeks and strategically planned time... Read more »