Labeled and Categorized- But Do You Need It?

Some people like to keep an inventory. If you have one, you need a whole bin full. Then, they label it, categorize it, and stack if on a shelf. And them you have a lot of space that is taken up by things you may or may or use on a regular basis. The downside of this is that you probably could use the space for other items. Lets talk about some categories that people tend to overstock in their homes.

1. Light bulbs- With the new efficient light bulbs, we are buying less bulbs than ever or should be. Keep a small stock of bulbs that are used in your most common areas. Most people have such a large stash of bulbs that don’t even match their current lighting.

2. Batteries- I cant tell you how many times I find expired  or batteries with corrosion on them. Again lighten your load. Keep a small supply of what you use most.

3.  Items from past remodeling projects- Did you keep that extra cabinet hardware?  The extra tiles and wood from your new floors? Habitat for Humanity or one of the rebuilding warehouses would  be glad to take those off  your hands.

4. Left over items from parties. Are you really gonna have another themed party and need only three plates and four napkins?  Put them in your kitchen and use them up.

5. Old receipts and papers. Archive your old taxes, legal, and closing documents. Get rid of the rest.

So there you have it. If you are space challenged like most of us, scale down on the items you truly don’t need or need an inventory. Remember to keep what you use on a regular basis in your prime space.

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