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Shopping For The Life We Want Vs The Life We Have

We all have fantasies. We all have a desire to lead a certain type of life. And many times we buy things for that type of life that we want to lead. Whether is cooking appliances, clothes, or technical items, we fill our space with dreams. The bad thing about “fantasy life” shopping is that... Read more »

The Art of Paper Processing

I don’t know anyone that likes the mail. Paper represents undone actions and the mail is full of them. Its enough to drive a person crazy. And so the piles begin. We put off going through our mail because it simply overwhelms us. And then like bunnies, the piles spread and we find ourselves losing... Read more »

Setting up A Small Business- Hitting The Ground Organized

Next week I am teaching a class for small business owners. When you first start a business it can be overwhelming. There is so much to do and learn. Where does one begin? In order to start off on the right foot, you should first set up a work space. Its essential for you to... Read more »

National Move Month 2016-Tips To Help You Unpack Your Home

No one likes to move. Yet, we are all doing more of it!! Due to job transfers, school, or retiring, Americans are on the move more than ever. No longer are people staying in their homes for 30 or 40 years. If you don’t prep properly, unpacking can take a long time. Its important to... Read more »

Why You Should See the Documentary Minimalism

Last year when I was at the library, I saw the book- Everything That Remains sitting on the shelf. It looked interesting so I took it home. I was hooked. The journey that Joshua goes on to find a more meaningful life, parallels mine. I too, was once climbing the corporate ladder. I also left... Read more »

Organizing Tips For Moms Of Multiples

A few days ago I gave a speech to a group of Moms of Multiples. Not only do these lovely ladies have twice the stuff but twice the baby gear. Yup, the first several years are compounded by the fact that you need double the swing, cribs, walker, graco bed, and ect. You get the... Read more »

May Is National Move Month-Top Tips From An Organizer To Help You With Your Move

There is a holiday for everything. And May has been deemed at National Move Month. The phone has just started ringing with potential clients who are moving or getting ready to move. Lets have some honesty. Moving sucks. When I moved into my condo a few years back, I hated every minute of it. First... Read more »

National Small Business Week May 1-7- Why You Should Be Supporting Small Business

When I first started my business, a consultant gave me a very important piece of advice- Support small business. When you support small business you are not only helping an a business owner support themselves and their employees, you are supporting a dream. A dream that someone had for a long time and finally had... Read more »