National Organize Your Files Week 2016

The third week of April is National Organize your Files week. Yes, there is a holiday for everything. So dig in and get those files organized! Paper management is a huge part of my business. I spend hours helping people sort  through their paper and make decisions about what to keep, archive, and get rid of. Here are some helpful hints to help you clean out your file system.


* Limit your incoming. What can you get online vs paper form?

* Identify what you need. If you don’t own a business, there is little paper that you need to keep.

* File your paper. Use  hanging file folders to contain the papers

* Use a label make to label each tab.

* Archive old papers that you need to keep but don’t need accessible. These include old taxes, legal, and medical papers.

* Clean out your files at the beginning of each year.

*Unsubscribe from Newsletters or Magazines that you don’t have time to read.

Remember to take time each day  to process your papers. Create some action items files to keep papers in that need to be handled. I label mine TO DO, PENDING, HOME PROJECTS, and WORK. Choose the verbage that works for you.  I use these files everyday to complete my paper tasks. Once a task is completed, I either file or get rid of the paper. I keep it simple.

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