Multiple Stations Equals Multiple Messes

Spread the love. Spread the paper. Not a good idea. Sometimes when our work area gets too crowded, we move things around. When we create multiple stations, we also create multiple messes. Unless you contain your projects, they will get mixed up and become combined.

When dealing with a lot of projects that involve paper, its essential to have all your information together to properly handle your project. The first thing you need to do, is go through it. Get rid of the fluff. Recycle any of the paper that you don’t need or isn’t relevant to your project.

Then containerize it. You can use manilla files, hanging files, or plastic envelopes. Its also essential to have a few pieces of paper in the file for your notes. When working on a project, you want to document dates, whom you spoke to, and deadlines.

After your project is completed, decide if you need to file, archive and toss the paper. Many projects that we work on, don’t require a paper trail. Think about it.

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