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National Organize Your Files Week 2016

The third week of April is National Organize your Files week. Yes, there is a holiday for everything. So dig in and get those files organized! Paper management is a huge part of my business. I spend hours helping people sort ¬†through their paper and make decisions about what to keep, archive, and get rid... Read more »

When Hoarding Affects The Family

Time and time again. I get called by family members to help deal with a loved ones hoarding issues. Most often its helping a parent downsize their home, a sibling that has hoarded a parents home or a need to sell items for money. Whatever the case, it can be challenging for everyone. Here are... Read more »

How To Zone Your Space

When you have rooms that function in multiple capacities, you need to set up zones or stations to accommodate your functions. It could be as simple as dedicating a few cabinets to the cause or having the appropriate shelving. Here are some examples of rooms that need to be zoned. THE KITCHEN * Food prep... Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Having An Estate Sale

Clearing out your parents or a relatives home can be very emotional. Then there is the decision of what to do with all the stuff. Do you give it to family and friends, call in a junk service, donate, or simplify burn the house down. Obviously, the last one isn’t an option. Estate or “glorified”... Read more »

The Organized Networker

Ah, the life of a small business owner. A large part of your social life becomes hitting the networking trail- searching for business and power partners. During your travels, you will collect a lot of information. Everyone has their cards front and center. So what do you do when you come home with a big... Read more »

Getting Ready For Spring- What Should You Put Away and Keep Out

We all thought spring was here. Then the skies opened up and we got hit with some snow. And the temperatures dropped back to winter weather. So while we all anticipate the next season, here are some organizational tips to help you transition. Many people like to totally flip their closets when the season changes.... Read more »

Multiple Stations Equals Multiple Messes

Spread the love. Spread the paper. Not a good idea. Sometimes when our work area gets too crowded, we move things around. When we create multiple stations, we also create multiple messes. Unless you contain your projects, they will get mixed up and become combined. When dealing with a lot of projects that involve paper,... Read more »