What Not To Do When Working With A Hoarder

As I said in a previous post dealing with a hoarding situation is very sensitive. Sometimes it takes years to even get the person to start going through their stuff. They may start and stop several times. Many times they don’t take serious action until they have a big change coming up in their lives.

So with that being said, its important to make sure that you handle the situation in an appropriate manner. I know how hard it can be for a family to help their loved one through this situation. I have seen it time and time again. If you want the person to continue with the process, here is what not NOT to do:

1. Don’t be negative. Every item that goes out for donate or trash is a victory.

2. No name calling. A hoarder doesn’t like to be referred as a hoarder.

3. Don’t rush the process. Go at their pace. They need to feel comfortable and in control.

4. Don’t start bagging trash!! Let them see what you are getting rid of for donate or trash. Its a part of their letting go.

5. Don’t pick an area to start. Listen to the person and their requests.

In cases like these, I always go back to the old southern saying- “You get more flies with honey”. Think about it!!

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