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What Not To Do When Working With A Hoarder

As I said in a previous post dealing with a hoarding situation is very sensitive. Sometimes it takes years to even get the person to start going through their stuff. They may start and stop several times. Many times they don’t take serious action until they have a big change coming up in their lives.... Read more »

A Meeting Of The Minds- I Joined A Minimalist Group

I was shocked that I didn’t get looks when I introduced myself at the Minimalist Group that I joined the other week.Yes, there is an organizer among you!! The truth is, I thought it would be nice to hang out with some like minded people and see what I could learn. I am always the... Read more »

What To Do When Working With A Hoarder

Hoarding is a very sensitive issue. It is caused by a variety of emotions that include depression, addiction, and ocd. It can be a very challenging time for the person and their family. Everyone wants to jump in and help. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle these situations. The Institute... Read more »

Donating Dilemmas - Letting Go and Getting It Out

You can spend hours trying to find the perfect places to donate all your items. After you have found who and where you want to donate, there is the task of getting the items out the door. Another time suck in your life. I totally understand that its easier to let go if you give... Read more »

February Is National Time Management Month- An Organizers Top Tips For Managing Your Time

Did you know that February is National Time Management Month? One thing we all struggle with is time. Who doesn’t need more time to complete your tasks or spend time with those you love? Here are some of my top tips for helping you manage your time! Enjoy! 1. Prepare the night before. Set out... Read more »

Paper and The Professor- Keeping It Under Control

In a world gone paperless, their are still many jobs that are paper heavy. A College Professor is one of them. Due to research, teaching classes, and publishing demands, there is always a multitude of paper! It just keeps piling up. I have worked with several college professors in an attempt to get their paper... Read more »

Three Top Tips For Staying Organized

You can do it. You can have a friend do it. You can hire a professional organizer to do it. The cold hard facts are that you will never stay organized unless you implement a plan to keep your space that way. Here are some helpful tips to keep your home or office organized. 1.... Read more »

Organizing Resources For The Small Business

If you own a personal services business, people are always looking to you for resources. They come to depend on you and to be a one stop shop. You are the man! So its essential that you have some good resources to refer them to. When you are in business, you are constantly building. Building... Read more »

A Guide Of When To Tackle Specific Organizing Projects

Last year I got a call from someone needing help organizing their unheated garage during the depths of Chiberia. I wasn’t available and none of my contractors wanted to work outside during that time. I also did a huge garage project during the heat of the summer. Believe it or not, the weather can play... Read more »

Cleaning Out The Crafts- Being Realistic About Your Supplies

As I have stated in several other blog posts, I like to start off the new year with everything in place. Purging my small file boxes and closet is always at the top of the list. Being a crafter, specifically a beader, I seem to “inherit” a lot of craft supplies. From family, friends, or... Read more »