Organizing Resources For The Small Business

If you own a personal services business, people are always looking to you for resources. They come to depend on you and to be a one stop shop. You are the man! So its essential that you have some good resources to refer them to.

When you are in business, you are constantly building. Building your clientele, building your marketing, and resources. The first thing is to identify what other resources would be beneficial to your clients. For my particular business, its maid services, places to sell things, and a handyman.

And how should you find these resources? The best place is through other people that have used them. I am always asking business associates for referrals. I have ended up with some great people that I have referred out for years.

Another way is to fire up the google and do some research. I have used this method many times when researching how to sell specific items for clients.

And lets not forget networking. You never know who you are going to meet at those events. So keep your eyes open and shake all those hands! It will be very beneficial.

I keep a list of all my resources- by category. I refer to this as my list of “love”. I carry it with me so I am able to give my clients immediate resources or make a call for them.

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