Donating Dilemmas - Letting Go and Getting It Out

You can spend hours trying to find the perfect places to donate all your items. After you have found who and where you want to donate, there is the task of getting the items out the door. Another time suck in your life.

I totally understand that its easier to let go if you give your stuff with a purpose to someone or a group. We all want our stuff to find a new home and be loved and used. That is just human nature.

But after your have worked so hard to purge, don’t let that pile of purges sit. Sometimes it gets mixed back into the fold, only to take up much needed space. Then you have to start the process all over again. This is more common then you think.

The moral of the story- when you purge, get them out- asap!!

* If you know that you are going to have a large load of items, consider pre scheduling a charity pick up. This will keep you honest and force you to stay on track.

* If you have items that will be going to consignment after your purge, make sure you leave time to get them out of your home. Load them into your car if possible.

* Before you purge, research donation or consignment options so there wont be any delay in getting things out of your home.

If you have a mixed batch of items, the best place to donate is a place like Savers, Brown Elephant, or Goodwill. Amvets or Purple Hearts are other charities that will pick up your items. For electronics, you can resell them or recycle them.

Don’t forget to get your tax slip!!

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