Cleaning Out The Crafts- Being Realistic About Your Supplies

As I have stated in several other blog posts, I like to start off the new year with everything in place. Purging my small file boxes and closet is always at the top of the list.

Being a crafter, specifically a beader, I seem to “inherit” a lot of craft supplies. From family, friends, or clients I have amassed quite the collection of beads. When I pulled out my supply to create a necklace for a friend, I realized I had so many beads that I probably would never use. It was time to take some action.

When I first started beading, I started collecting beads. I didn’t know what I would need or my personal creative style, so I took everything. I searched through sales bins and filled up many containers.

So I took action. All my beads are sorted by color in divided boxes. I went through everything and made some really good decisions. Realistically, I don’t see myself using lavender pearls for any type of project. And the same held true for the multitudes of odd shaped beads that I tried so desperately to fashion into some sort of design. They just weren’t jiving with my creativity.

In the end, I ended up with a large zip lock bag full of beads. It was a really freeing experience. I feel that I can know be more focused on my designs. All the fluff is gone. I put the beads on freecycle and got a huge response. It was nice to pass them on to another creative person.

So it you are feeling overwhelmed or stunted – you may want to consider scaling down your creative supplies. We all have stuff that we bought by mistake or where given that we don’t use.

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