A Meeting Of The Minds- I Joined A Minimalist Group

I was shocked that I didn’t get looks when I introduced myself at the Minimalist Group that I joined the other week.Yes, there is an organizer among you!! The truth is, I thought it would be nice to hang out with some like minded people and see what I could learn. I am always the student.

First of all we all went around the table and introduced ourselves. Everyone was from different walks of life and had a different story to tell. We all had the common goal of trying to life a more simple, less consuming life.

Then we broke into two smaller groups and had a nice little chat. Everyone talked about why and what they were purging. I told my standard story of getting rid of my business suits when I left corporate America. Some other people talked about clothing, books, and other possessions. We all had different things that we treasured. We talked about our current status in life. Everyone gently gave advice to to those who asked for it.

One of the things that stood out to me was that getting rid of things can be just as addictive as collecting them. Many people talked about their goals and what else they wanted to shed from their lives. I had just cleaned out my beads and freecycled them. I had also cleaned out mounds of business cards that I had for years. And I have a few other things that will probably go as well.

It was a nice night spend with a bunch of like minded people. And everyone seemed very happy with the changes they had made in their lives.

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