A Guide Of When To Tackle Specific Organizing Projects

Last year I got a call from someone needing help organizing their unheated garage during the depths of Chiberia. I wasn’t available and none of my contractors wanted to work outside during that time. I also did a huge garage project during the heat of the summer. Believe it or not, the weather can play a huge part in the organizing process. Organizing is a lot of work and while you can’t control the time you spend on the project, you can control the comfort level. So lets talk about the best time to tackle some of your specific projects.

*Garages- The best way to organize a garage is the pull everything out, categorize it, and put it back together.I like to sweep out the garage and dust off the shelves. With that being said, you need good weather to properly complete the project. Early springtime or fall are perfect times to work on your garage or any other outdoor projects like sheds.

* Attics or Basement- Depending on the heating structure of your home, the weather could play a big part in these projects as well. In older homes, the attic and the basement tend not to have heating or cooling systems. Again, spring and fall are perfect times to work on these projects.

* Bedroom Closets- This project can be done at anytime. If you change out your closet seasonally, it might be more effective to work on this project during one of those change out times.

* Toy Rooms- Right before birthdays or the holiday season are the best times to tackle the toys. What is still age appropriate?

So when you get ready to tackle that next big project- think about it! Is the timing right?

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