The Proper Way To Sort Paper

I live and die by “OHIO”- only handle it once. But when it comes to handling mounds of paper, I change my tune. There are somethings that you have to handle more than once. Paper is one of them.

When faced with a large paper project, you should do a “rough” sort at first. Make piles of categories and label with post it notes. Then take a look at the existing file system and clean it out (If there is one). Its important to make sure that all the files are clearly labeled and still relevant to your current needs.

Then back to those piles. Its time to take a closer look at the “rough” sort and decide what should go into the file system. I always have a recycle and shred bag set up as well.

Attack one pile at a time. The contents should be filed, recycled, or put in a shred pile. Paper tends to go pretty quickly. You will be amazed at how much you get done!!

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