The Hard Truth About Selling Your Used Technology

In the blink of an eye, technology changes. Just when you think you have the latest and greatest – boom- there is a new version of it. And some of us feel the need to keep up with it. Not so much this gal, I am happy with my 4S iphone and my simple fitbit.

For those of you that want the latest and greatest, you end up with a pile of used technology items. The good news is a lot of the stuff is sellable! The bad news is that the prices aren’t even close what you paid for them. Yup. Years ago a former boyfriend bought me a palm pilot. He paid over $400 for it. When I upgraded to a blackberry, I sold it for $80.

Here are a few options for you when you are upgrading your technology. This site buys used apple products Amazon has a trade in program for electronics. You will get a credit for items you trade in!

And there are the usual sites to sell things such as craigslist, facebook virtual garage sale, and offer up.

Remember the older your items are, the less money you will get for them. That is just the reality of the situation.

And please don’t ever through your items in the trash! Most cities have an electronic recycle area. In Chicago we have Goose Island Recycle Center. Best Buy is also a valuable place for recycling technology. If you need to find a place in your area for recycling check out

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