Stop Churning Your Paper Piles; Process It

We all have projects! Some are more complicated than others. With some of these projects, we end up with a lot of paperwork that we have to sift through. Its not fun. The more the paper piles up, the more confusing it will get. Its essential to keep all your “projects” in an organized manner. If not, you will end up with piles of mishmash and waste hours trying to straighten it out.

When you have a new “project” come into your life, give it some space. You can determine if you need to create a file for it, process it online, or give it a temporary file. Whatever your choice, you need to organize it. Make sure you go through the paper and keep what you need to complete the task. Many times I see people keeping paper that they don’t need.

Once you have organized your “project” into a bucket(file), then take a close look at the paper. Are there forms that need to be filled out? Its important to keep a information sheet on your project. I simply take a piece of paper and write down the information. This includes who I spoke to, forms I sent in, ect.

Some projects are larger then others and you have no control over when they are done. Other projects are quick one step things that you will get instant response. I personally like those the best!

The most important thing is to identify your paper tasks, organize them, and process them. Don’t “churn” or move them around. Tackle them!!

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