Purging Items You Love

Once upon a time, this gal was a sales executive. It seems like a lifetime ago. I had a whole closet full of suits, heels, silk shirts, and scarves. Every morning I dressed like a proper young lady. Not anymore. Its black t shirts and cargo pants for this chicky. So when I made the transition, I knew I had some purging to do.

It can be tough to purge things that we love or have an attachment. After I made the career transition, I took a good look at my closet. My small city closet was full clothes that I no longer needed. I took a few deep breathes and then went in for the kill. In the end, I kept one suit. Bye Bye corporate life.

Life changes day by day. We all have things in our space that we don’t need or use anymore but for whatever reason we can’t let them go. Purging can be a challenge.

So ask yourself these questions:

1. Are these items clogging up space that I need for other items?
2. Are they of value if I sell them?
3. Do I know someone that needs them?

Sometimes if you have a person or place in mind for these items, its easier to release them. Either way, there are times that we need the space and have to make some hard decisions. So what is lurking in your home that you don’t need or use anymore?

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