Organizing Projects For January

With the big dip in the temperature, its the perfect time to tackle some New Years organizing projects. Won’t it feel good to start off the new year in an organized manner. We all have that build up from time to time in our homes and offices.

Here is a list of the top projects to tackle in January!

* Go through your file systems. Get rid of any paper that you don’t need anymore. I do this each year for my personal paper and business files. If you haven’t already, think about going paperless!!

* Get rid of last years phone book(if you still use phone books).

* Evict the expired in your bathroom. Clear out that toiletries and meds that you don’t need.

* Tackle that pantry. Check the dates on all your food products. Its also the perfect time to categorize your items.

* Don’t forget your clothing closet. Time to evaluate those winter clothes. Is everything in your closet your cut, color and size??

* What’s in your coupon organizer? Have you looked lately? Let go anything that has expired.

And most importantly- Have a wonderful 2016!! Stay warm!!

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