Organizing For the Visual Person

For the longest time I have been looking for the perfect jewelry box. Nothing was working for me. I trolled through many sites and nothing caught my eye. I have a small jewelry box but it only fits my watches and ring. I needed to store bracelets and brooches.

Then it hit me. I am a very visual person and slapping my stuff in a box wasn’t going to work for me. After all, I have my earrings all hung on a piece of plastic canvas.

earing solution

So I decided to order a piece that hangs in the closet and offers clear storage. I put it together last night and was happy with the results. Its very similar to the one in the picture below.

jewelry hanger

When you are a very visual person, organizing becomes a whole different animal. I think back to the time I bought these great baskets for my closet. They looked awesome in the closet, but I could not see my jeans or folded tops. It drove me crazy. When I moved and designed a closet, I did a lot of open shelving so I could see my stuff. It worked wonders.

So if you are a very visual person, organize how you think. Make things work for you. Some containers will work for you, others won’t. Here are some tips to help you find solutions for your organizing needs. Don’t fight it, go with your flow.

1. A file cabinet might not work for you. Think of using an open box filing system.

2. Label things. This will help with your visual sense. I like to label pantry shelves.

3. Use clear bins for storage and label them.

4. Make it look appealing. Its important to the visual person. All my containers match and stack.

5. Don’t over categorize drawers or containers. Its okay if you have space left.

6. Keep like with like.

The most important thing is to like the systems you put in place. When I work with someone, I try to use a brainstorming approach with my clients to find the best solution. Know yourself, know your style!!

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