National GO Month 2016 - Get Organized

Since 2005 the National Association of Professional Organizers has celebrated January as “Get Organized” month. It seems fitting since many of us set resolutions for the new year.

Getting organized can seem daunting and overwhelming. How should you do it? Where should you begin? Here are some helpful hints.

Take a walk around your home with pad and paper in hand. Look around every room of your home.

* What is working?
* Where are the breakdowns? Is your closet so full that you cant get dressed in a reasonable amount of time? What about your paper management?
* Are there items in your home that you don’t need or use anymore?
* Check out your technology. Is it all still being used?

So after your do the walk through, what next? Pick a area of your home or project to start. Don’t try to fix your home in one day, it won’t happen. Baby steps.

I always tell people to start with clothes or paper management. These projects don’t cost a lot and they are huge in reward. You would be amazed how an organized clothing closet or paper system will save you so much time and sanity!

Remember to set aside time to work on your project. I usually tell people to give themselves 3 to 5 hours for a medium sized project. If you don’t have a lot of time, then break the project down into tiny projects. Instead of doing a dresser, do a drawer of two. You can do it!!

Put your plan on the bulletin board or refrigerator. Mark off the projects that you have completed!! Set up a timeline!!

Happy Organizing and 2016!!

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