Being Organized Means Being A Little Selfish At Times

Living an organized life requires time. Plain and simple!! And to be honest, we all don’t have enough of it. Even the organizer. Yes, that is right. I am one busy chick. Even with my excellent time management skills, at times I find myself racing to get everything done.

I am blessed to have a lot of wonderful people in my life. A great family and large social circle. I am the go to girl when it comes to planning events and such. But sometimes, I have to go off the grid. I need those pockets of time to stay on top of my personal and business tasks.

Even though I don’t work traditional hours, I still use 9 to 5 as my main office and working times. I may be in my mobile office or shopping for supplies, but I still treat that time as work time. During this time, my work calls and emails are first priority!! I “clock” out at five pm, but will answer client calls or texts at anytime in the evening(the early bird gets the worm).

Don’t worry about giving yourself the time you need! You deserve it. Whether you are racing around to get things done or sitting on the couch reading a book. Its your time and your time to give. So if you are trying to decompress and that chatty friend calls, its okay if you don’t pick up the phone!! You will have a better conversation when you are in zen mode!

So sometimes you need to be selfish with your time to keep your sanity and get things done!

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