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The Hard Truth About Selling Your Used Technology

In the blink of an eye, technology changes. Just when you think you have the latest and greatest – boom- there is a new version of it. And some of us feel the need to keep up with it. Not so much this gal, I am happy with my 4S iphone and my simple fitbit.... Read more »

January is National Clean up Your Computer Month

Aside from being National “GO” month(get organized), January is also clean up your computer month. We all tend to worry about the space around us, but how many of us tend to our computers on a regular basis? In order to keep your computer running properly, its essential that you keep up with the it.... Read more »

The Proper Way To Sort Paper

I live and die by “OHIO”- only handle it once. But when it comes to handling mounds of paper, I change my tune. There are somethings that you have to handle more than once. Paper is one of them. When faced with a large paper project, you should do a “rough” sort at first. Make... Read more »

Purging Items You Love

Once upon a time, this gal was a sales executive. It seems like a lifetime ago. I had a whole closet full of suits, heels, silk shirts, and scarves. Every morning I dressed like a proper young lady. Not anymore. Its black t shirts and cargo pants for this chicky. So when I made the... Read more »

Your Prime Space- What Should Not Be Filling It Up

Your prime and accessible space- its like gold. It should be cherished and used well. Many of us have things in this space that should not be filling it up. Yup, misplaced items. Items that we don’t use a lot. Items that just don’t need to be there. Its time to evaluate what we store... Read more »

Stop Churning Your Paper Piles; Process It

We all have projects! Some are more complicated than others. With some of these projects, we end up with a lot of paperwork that we have to sift through. Its not fun. The more the paper piles up, the more confusing it will get. Its essential to keep all your “projects” in an organized manner.... Read more »

Being Organized Means Being A Little Selfish At Times

Living an organized life requires time. Plain and simple!! And to be honest, we all don’t have enough of it. Even the organizer. Yes, that is right. I am one busy chick. Even with my excellent time management skills, at times I find myself racing to get everything done. I am blessed to have a... Read more »

Organizing Projects For January

With the big dip in the temperature, its the perfect time to tackle some New Years organizing projects. Won’t it feel good to start off the new year in an organized manner. We all have that build up from time to time in our homes and offices. Here is a list of the top projects... Read more »

Organizing For the Visual Person

For the longest time I have been looking for the perfect jewelry box. Nothing was working for me. I trolled through many sites and nothing caught my eye. I have a small jewelry box but it only fits my watches and ring. I needed to store bracelets and brooches. Then it hit me. I am... Read more »

National GO Month 2016 - Get Organized

Since 2005 the National Association of Professional Organizers has celebrated January as “Get Organized” month. It seems fitting since many of us set resolutions for the new year. Getting organized can seem daunting and overwhelming. How should you do it? Where should you begin? Here are some helpful hints. Take a walk around your home... Read more »