Trip Preparation- How To Take The Madness Out Of Packing

Its 48 hours till I leave for the holidays and I am not packed. Am I worried? Not at all. You see, as with most things in life, I have a travel system. That is just how I roll. I am sure that you aren’t shocked. It starts a week before I leave on any vacation.

Here is my travel plan:

1. Week before bring up suitcase and tote bags.

2. Check out travel toiletries and replenish any during weekly grocery stop. Then I pack the travel items in a plastic bag. I add my make up and toothbrush that morning.

3. Pack items like laundry bag and umbrella

4. Download books for Kindle and charge it up.

5. Write down each day I will be in vacation and what clothes I will need. I am a pretty light packer. If I am wearing boots, then I wear them on the plane vs having them take up space in the suitcase. I also will wear a bulky item vs packing it.

I do the prep work a little each day. The night before, I always do the main clothing packing. I like to check the weather at the last minute possible. I also pack my technology items as well.

The morning of, I toss in my make up and any other last minute items and I am ready to go. I always close up my suitcase the night before and put it by the front door.

So there you have it, the method to my packing madness. A little prep work goes a long way!!

Happy Holidays!!

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