How to Organize Medical Paperwork

Whether your are a senior or a parent with a child with special needs, you have paper! Lots of paper. There is no way around it! Its essential that you keep a good system. Especially if you or your child is under the care of multiple doctors.

The first thing to do is to identify what files you need to contain your paperwork. Its important that you devise a system that will help you quickly find material that you need. Here are some suggestions for a parent with a special needs child:

1. IEPs- the quarterly meetings that you have with the school
2. Community resources or play groups
3. Medical Tests(some people sort this by doctor)
4. School reports- progress reports ect
5. Articles of Interest on your childs condition
6. Current year medical bills- Eob’s attached to the bill

For seniors, I recommend these files:

1. Medical History
2. Medical Test results
3. Current year medical bills
4 Insurance coverage information
5. Doctor information

Its essential to keep good medical files. You never know when you have to look up the date of a test or show a new doctor the dates of previous medical tests. While the medical system is starting to go automated, we still need records.

Its also a good idea to keep a medical timeline of any major surgery or illness that have occurred in your lifetime.

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