Freecycle- The Do's and Don'ts

Love me some Black Friday. Its also known as “Erin Kelly big purchases day”. Yup, this frugal Freddie buys her bigger ticket items on this day every year. Last year it was a vacuum cleaner and blender. This year on the list was dishes. I had already picked them out and just had to enter my coupon code and press purchase.

I decided to use Freecycle.Org to pass on my old dishes. Even though they are over 20 years old, they are in perfect condition becides the grey marks of use on them. I have used this site before and love it. I simple went on the site and posted an “offer message”. Boom the responses started coming in.

The first response was from a lady stating that she would love the dishes for a charity she volunteered at in the city. She stated that they helped homeless people get resettled in apartments. I responded literally within one minute of her email that I was happy to give her the dishes and when would she like to pick up. You would think she would respond back immediately! Nope- no response. This my friends is called a time waster.

Next up was the gal that wanted them for a party she was throwing. Yes, they are still available can you pick up this evening or tomorrow? She stated her boyfriend was out of town and she would try him tomorrow. Again no response. Then I get an email in the afternoon with him coded in, and her saying that she hadn’t heard back from him.

Third time was a charm. The lady not only emailed but stated she was able to pick them up. I emailed her my address and left them in the entryway of my condo building. Yup, it was that simple.

When people list items on Freecycle, they have already made the decision to get rid of them and want them out of their home. In many cases, the items are staged in an area of the house, waiting for pick up. My dishes were bagged up and sitting by the front door.

Here is my advice to you when using Freecycle:

DO-Respond to any emails you receive from the person with the stuff immediately.

DO-Do make sure you are able to pick it up in a timely manner. No one wants to warehouse things.

DO-If possible ask if they can leave in on their porch or entry way for you to retrieve.

Don’t– Don’t waste peoples time.

Don’t-Go back and forth trying to figure out how to retrieve the item. Have your ducks in a row before you ask for the item.

I personally think Freecycle is awesome for a multitude of reasons. It gives people things that might not be able to afford and also keeps things out of the landfill.

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